Tire Necklace - BLACK


The best mini-flip Tire Necklace ever!

If you flip, hit, and drag tires in your training, you will love to own the Tire Charm necklace! Especially those into CrossFit and unconventional training methods who use tires in their WOD or training programs! The design, shape, and modeling of the treads, sidewalls, and the hollowed out inside make this tire necklace the best on the market anywhere!  It literally looks like we shrunk a big tire from your box or gym and shrunk it down to a wearable size! Take a close look, we think you'll agree!

Measures approximate 1 1/8th inch (3.175cm) diameter, and 7/16th inch (1.10cm) wide. Weight approximately 0.5 oz (14g). 

Comes with a 24 inch (60cm) stainless steell ball-chain (made in USA) that is easy for you to cut to fit properly, and a black jewelry bag.

Made and sold ONLY at FitnessFanStore.com in the USA with USA-made materials!

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